Double Power DP-980® Series

Mobile Multi-Currency Counter

Double Power® DP-980 Series Portable Auto-Feeding Banknote Detector

DP-980 series is a completely new generation of mobile value counters for banknotes.

They are especially suited to retail shops with very limited space or those needing a highly portable counter. The DP-980 machines are the ideal solution for medium volume portable counting. Its auto-feeding mechanism provides you with the same accurate counterfeit detection as manual feeding machines at the speed of 200-250 notes per minute.

Despite their compactness the DP-980 machines are fully functioning no-nonsense banknote value counters with all the features needed to authenticate and count banknotes accurately and quickly:


  • Automatic Multi-directional and Multi-Orientation reading of banknote

  • Serial Number Capture available for select currencies

  • Equipped with Magnetic, Infrared, Ultraviolet & Fluorescence, Image, Spectrum, and Paper Size sensors to catch even the highest quality counterfeits

  • Portable: Foldable, lightweight, and can be equipped with rechargeable battery.

  • Easy access to transport path for maintenance and jam removal

  • Supports over 10 currencies per machine, and Serial Number capture for select currencies (model DP-989).

  • Clear LCD Display and tactile buttons for user-friendly interface

  • Easily upgradable via SD card


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