Double Power® DP-8120

1.5 Pocket Multi-Currency Counter & Scanner

Double Power® 1.5 Pocket Currency Processing

The DP-8120 is one of the most compact 1.5 pocket multi-currency banknote scanners on the market. With a footprint of only 260 mm(D) x 274 mm(W), these new solutions can fit into any banking and cash center environment.

The DP-8120 multi-currency banknote scanner, thanks to its 1.5 pocket non-stop-counting functionality, have been especially designed for the use in heavy duty environment in European banks and cash centers. It is also ECB certified as of March 2016.

The DP-8120 quickly and accurately identifies even the currency of each and every bill – at speeds up to 1,000 mixed bills per minute. Questionable, unreadable or unfaced/unoriented bills are off-sorted to the reject pocket without stopping the machine. This means greater productivity and time savings for the operator.

It also has advanced counterfeit detection capabilities. Outfitted with magnetic, fluorescent, ultraviolet, and infrared sensors, you'll be sure to catch most counterfeit bills, stopping them at the point of receipt or catching them before circulating them back to the market.

The low height of only 262 mm allow fatigue-proof operation by your staff. Low noise emission and low power consumption makes the DP-8120 an environment friendly machine.


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