Double Power DP-7011S/MB®

Rupiah Counter & Detector

Performance at An Affordable Price

The Double Power DP-7011S/MB® is one of the most cost effective banknote counters available in the market today. Its exceptional durability, accuracy, and user-friendly operation makes for a reliable banknote counter.

Along with its appealing appearance and simplicity of operation, the DP-7011S/MB® offers robust functionality with automatic/manual start, full error detection, adjustable speed, variable batching, and accumulation mode. At speeds up to 1500 notes per minute, currency counting and IDR counterfeit detecting applications can be performed with greater efficiency.

The DP-7011S/MB® is the preferred mid-to-high volume banknote processing machine that is suitable for all your IDR banknote processing needs.


Mesin hitung & deteksi uang Double Power DP-7011S / MB® adalah salah satu penghitung & pendeteksi uang kertas Rupiah yang paling hemat biaya yang tersedia di pasaran saat ini. Dengan daya tahan yang luar biasa, akurasi penghitungan, dan sistem operasi yang user-friendly membuat mesin penghitung uang kertas ini tepat untuk kebutuhan anda.

Mesin hitung & deteksi uang kertas Rupiah DP-7011S / MB® menawarkan beragam fungsi pemakaian seperti auto-start / manual-start, beberapa kecepatan penghitungan, pengaturan batch, dan mode penambahan / akumulasi. Dengan kecepatan penghitungan hingga 1.500 lembar per menit, menghitung dan mendeteksi uang kertas Rupiah dapat dilakukan dengan efisiensi yang jauh lebih tinggi.

DP-7011S / MB® adalah mesin penghitung & pendeteksi uang kertas Rupiah yang cocok untuk kebutuhan penghitungan uang volume menengah sampai tinggi.


  • Fail safe error detection: Senses double bills, half notes, chains and jams to assure accurate counts. The problem is identified on the display and an audio alarm notifies the user.

  • Auto/Manual start & restart: Starts as soon as bills are added to the hopper and automatically restarts when bills are removed from the bottom stacker, but is adjustable to manual start & restart

  • Counterfeit bill detection: The DP-7011S/MB® currency counter offers a choice of sensing systems that detect a wide variety of counterfeit bills. Choose from magnetic ink, metal thread or ultraviolet and fluorescence sensors, depending on your requirements

  • Other Standard Features: Integrated carrying handle, accumulation mode, external thickness adjustment


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