Cummins Allison JetScan® 150

Currency Counter and Scanner

JetScan® Currency Processing

JetScan® 150 1.5-pocket cash counting and scanning machines offer you greater productivity because they offer non-stop processing.

The JetScan® 150 cash sorter quickly and accurately identifies the denomination of each and every bill – at speeds up to 940 mixed bills per minute. Questionable, unreadable or unfaced/unoriented bills are off-sorted to the reject pocket without stopping the machine. This means greater productivity and time savings.

JetScan® currency processing machines are high-functioning cash counters that sort mixed money, face and orient bills and catch counterfeits. While counting one denomination, the scanner will off-sort any rogue bills without missing a beat. A $20 is never counted as a $1, which eliminates errors, speeds processing and frees operators to focus on other activities.

It also has advanced counterfeit detection capabilities. Outfitted with magnetic, fluorescent ultraviolet, infrared sensors, you'll be sure to catch most counterfeit bills, stopping them at the point of receipt or catching them before circulating them back to the market.

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Mesin penghitung & deteksi uang kertas Cummins JetScan® 150 1.5-pocket akan membantu produktifitas anda karena mesin ini dapat memproses uang tunai tanpa henti.

Mesin JetScan® 150 dengan cepat dan akurat mengidentifikasi nilai denominasi semua uang kertas dari sisi apapun dengan kecepatan 950 lembar per menit. Uang yang meragukan, tidak terbaca, terbalik/tidak tersusun dapat dipindahkan ke pocket reject tanpa memberhentikan mesin. Ini tentunya dapat mempercepat proses penghitungan anda.

Cummins JetScan® 150 juga dilengkapi dengan sensor pendeteksi uang palsu yang lengkap dan canggih. Dengan sensor-sensor seperti magnetik, ultraviolet dan fluorescent, dan juga infrared, mesin ini dapat menangkap sampai dengan 99% uang palsu atau meragukan.

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  • Feeder Type: Automatic feeder with autosensing currency detection

  • Transport: Beltless transport path

  • Serial number capture: Capture serial number images of every note for a highly effective means of tracking currency.

  • Future-ready design: Easily upgrade select models with a software activation key as new features become available.

  • Easy-to-use: Change processing modes with the touch of a button on an intuitive 10.92 cm color touch-screen display.

  • Four levels of memory: Keep separate totals for batch totals, sub-totals, grand totals and day totals.

  • Unit/value display: Show totals as currency value or unit counts.

  • Adjustable pocket and strap stops: Strap stop limits can be established for each denomination and a separate pocket limit for mix mode..

  • Verification: Count or recount cash without changing day totals.

  • Interface/communications: USB, RS232 and Ethernet.

  • Manual Add: Lets users manually add counts for notes that are mutilated and not fully processed.

  • Add function: Perform cumulative counting as needed.


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