Cummins Allison JetCount®

Currency Counters

Fast, accurate, and economical currency counting

JetCount® currency counters are budget-friendly machines that are reliable, compact and easy to use. They help save valuable hours normally spent counting currency by hand. The JetCount® is also equipped with sensors to catch counterfeit money.

At selectable speeds of up to 1,600 notes per minute, the JetCount® makes quick work of even the highest of volumes of cash, reliably and accurately.


  • Fail safe error detection: Senses double bills, folded bills, chains and jams to assure accurate counts. The problem is identified on the display and an audio alarm notifies the user.

  • Bright LED display: Illuminated display is easy to see under all lighting conditions.

  • Tactile keycaps: Easy to use and less fatiguing then membrane keyboards, these keys provide clear, tactile feedback when depressed.

  • Auto start & restart: Starts as soon as bills are added to the hopper and automatically restarts when bills are removed from the bottom stacker.

  • Protected data and set-ups: All processing data and set-ups are protected during low power and power loss situations.


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