Durable Desktop Spindle Counter

Durable, compact, fast, and accurate!

The CMICO CCM-818DS® desktop type vacuum/spindle banknote counter is a highly durable, reliable, and accurate banknote counter. Featuring a fully metal spindle head and robust vacuum pump, the CCM-818DS® can count 100 notes in as fast as 2 seconds!


Mesin hitung uang desktop CMICO CCM-818DS® adalah mesin penghitung yang sangat handal, tangguh, dan akurat.

Dilengkapi dengan spindle head yang 100% terbuat dari besi, dan juga penghisap vakum yang sangat kuat, mesin CCM-818DS® ini dapat menghitung 100 lembar uang hanya dalam waktu secepat 2 detik. Mesin ini juga menggunakan kipas pendingin dan kipas exhaust untuk menjaga ketahanan dan keakuratan dalam penghitungan.


  • Easy Maintenance

  • Able to process both banded and unbanded note

  • Totals can be retained until cleared

  • 4 Adjustable Speed Settings according to different banknote conditions

  • Check: This function is specially designed to verify 100 notes in a batch

  • Batch: This function is designed to separate a batch from 100-200 bills

  • Free: This function is suitable for counting any number of bills

  • Add: This function can automatically accumulate each successive counting

  • Alarm: The alarm will make a warning sound and holder will be locked automatically when the counting number is not the same as the preset number

  • Acrylic Case, Stamp, UV Counterfeit Detection, and External Display (Optional)

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